International Dance Acclaim (IDA) offers performance based ballet and tap curricula. It is not an exam or competition but an adjudicated performance opportunity creating a positive experience for every dancer. With fresh, new material designed to inspire and raise the expectations of the teacher to demand and achieve more, every student learns and performs choreographed exercises as well as a solo dance or variation in a safe setting.

Assessment or evaluation options make it appropriate for pre-professionals, recreational students, late starters as well as students with special needs. The Awards can be customized to be performed in a theater or studio with optional teacher feedback and is designed to be easily incorporated into your class plan, and complement your existing dance training techniques.

Merle Sepel and Rebecca Tsivkin, along with Artistic Advisor Brian Loftus and Tap Director Dianne Schiller, have created International Dance Acclaim, a developmental program for dance studios that applies the principle of artistic and technical progress through performance. The IDA program complements all teaching methods, and accelerates students’ training through a series of choreographed exercises and dances specifically designed to improve technique, enhance performance quality, and increase stamina, in addition to providing performance opportunities. The specially arranged and composed music is unique to this program and provides further training in musicality and artistry.

Being assessed by an independent, experienced IDA judge is an integral part of the structure of the program – it provides a goal for the students to work towards, and an outside, international standard to prove themselves against. IDA improves dancers’ skills and focuses their drive, motivating them to strive for excellence, encouraging a greater work ethic and increased self-confidence. At the conclusion of the Awards event each dancer is rewarded with a gold medal and certificate – Achievement through Performance.

We welcome dance educators. The IDA program is ideal for the experienced teacher as well as those starting out. We offer guidance and support through the members’ pages as well as direct contact with the directors and adjudicators. For more information please contact Merle or Rebecca at:

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